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  • Add Krav Maga classes your school
  • 100% online course and exam 
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  • Internationally accredited certification


Krav Maga is synonymous with fitness and realistic self-defense. Do you want to attract more adult students? Do you want to improve your own self defense? If you are ready to offer this brutally effective style, this is your opportunity to become an official certified instructor.


Instead of quickly becoming an instructor after a week-long event, the GMAU Krav Instructor Certification will challenge you through an extensive and complete course of study. You will learn, then apply, discuss, interact, and receive graded feedback directly from your instructor.


This is your opportunity to connect with a growing Krav association. We have 1,000+ students in more than 40 countries, and a growing number of training centers. With the curriculum, the association, your own training, and instructor certification - you will be ready to provide the best krav training in your area.


Learn how to become a certified krav maga instructor and teach your own official classes.

Step 1 - Enroll as an Official GMAU Krav Maga Student and Earn Your Yellow Belt 

Before you can teach something, you clearly have to study and master it as a practitioner first. As long as you hold at least a black belt rank in another style, and are ranked at least yellow belt in the Global Martial Arts University Krav Maga course, you can then begin the Instructor Course

Step 2 - Enroll into the Krav Maga Instructor Certification  

Now that you are ranked at least yellow belt or higher in our GMAU Krav Maga student course, you can enroll into the instructor course. You will first complete the CMAT (Certified Martial Arts Teacher) lessons and exam. After this, you will work through the Krav Instructor Level 1 lessons and assignments, and will be ready for your final exam.

Step 3 - Take the Level 1 Instructor Final Exam Online or In-Person 

At the end of the "Krav Instructor Level 1", you are ready to take your final teaching and practical exam. This can be done via the online course with a video and written submission, you will then be issued your Instructor's Certificate. Or, you can schedule an in-person final exam at one of our Official Training Centers.


Learn about the world's leading online Israeli Krav Maga Instructor Certification course.

The Entire CMAT (Certified Martial Arts Teacher) Course is Included The entire CMAT course and exam ( $1195 value) is included with your Krav Instructor enrollment. By completing the CMAT, you will have a very comprehensive and practical foundatoin in place that will help you to successfully teach any style of martial arts.

Example Krav Classes and Mock Teaching The course includes full example classes and mock teaching examples. You will not just be taught "theory", but can see these ideas in action.

Interactive Discussions with Your Peers The Discussion Board assignments will get your mind running, and give you a place to discuss your thoughts and new concepts with your peers.

100% Online and Self-Paced This is so much more detailed than your average weekend instructor seminar. By offering it online, you can go through the lessons, assignments, and exams at your own pace.

Feedback Directly from Your Grading Instuctor After submitting assignments and exams, you will receive feedback and guidance directly from your own Krav Instructor Certification grading instructor.


Your instructor training experience will challenge you, push you, and open you up to a world of knowledge and best practices.


  • Why Do You Teach?
  • Studying vs. Teaching Martial Arts
  • Qualities of a Great Teacher
  • You are the Product
  • Communication
  • Career or Hobby?


  • 6 Student Needs
  • Defining Student Success
  • Stages of Teaching
  • Teaching vs. Drilling
  • Correcting
  • Many More


  • Programs
  • Organizing Curriculum
  • Class Outline
  • Class Plans
  • Warm Ups & Stretches
  • Class Formations


  • Working with Different Ages
  • Listening Positions
  • Anchors
  • Black Belt Skill Drills
  • Mat Chat 
  • Example Kids Class


  • Different Examination Systems
  • Grading Rubric
  • Exam Feedback
  • Mock Grading Assignment


  • Pricing
  • Timeless Marketing
  • WOW Customer Service 
  • New Student Experience

Drills & Best Practices

  • Disguising Repetition
  • Different Drill Types 
  • Example Drills 
  • Assignment and Feedback

Technique Guides

  • Preemptively Answer Questions
  • Safety in Training
  • Drilling and Setting Up
  • Teaching Variations


Michael South, CMAT

Michael South holds black belts in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga, Tae Kwon Do, and Hapkido. He is the founder of National Martial Arts, one of the premier schools in Oklahoma, with 300 active students. He is also the founder of the NJJA (National Jiu Jitsu Association), where he consults and leads member schools to new levels of success in their teaching, coaching, and business standards. 

Michael Hodge, CMAT

Michael Hodge began his teaching career in 2004, teaching at his dad's community karate dojo. Upon turning 18, he took over the small school, and moved to a new location. While teaching at his school, he also developed the martial arts style Ultimate Bo, and the initial distance training programs that have evolved into the GMAU. His school grew from 30 to 200 students in a little more than a year, and was featured in the magazine MASUCCESS as a top school in the nation. He now runs the GMAU full-time, working with students and instructors around the world. He also runs a small private academy with a limited enrollment in his own custom-built dojo.

Dustin Koppel, CMAT

Dustin Koppel has been involved training, competing, and teaching martial arts for more than a decade. He began with Krav Maga and Muay Thai Kickboxing. Two years later he got involved with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. As a competitor, he has won kickboxing championships in the light and super heavyweight categories. Currently, he runs a top martial arts school in Tennessee, along with training his global Krav Maga distance training students. He is also the creator of "BJJ Solo" a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fitness program, and "Top Roller" a BJJ competition circuit.

Dan Gador, GMAA Leadership Board Member

Dan Gador currently holds the rank of 3rd Dan Black Belt in Full-Contact Krav Maga. He has been training in Krav Maga for over 20 years, from the age of 10, and has been instructing for over 17 years. Gador has trained and was certified in Israel, the birthplace of Krav Maga, and currently operates a Martial Arts school in Israel. Gador believes and teaches the values of non-violence, respect and integrity as he aims to better the world – one pupil at a time.


More martial artists are becoming certified and aligning with our global association every month. We have thousands of students training via our Global Martial Arts University courses, and dozens of training centers around the globe. This is your opportunity to grow with us as we raise the standads of krav maga instruction and increase our positive impact through all whom we come in contact.


One Payment

  • Instant access to the full CMAT course
  • Access to the entire Krav Maga Instructor course 
  • All future course updates included
  • Instructor support, grading, and feedback
  • (Upon Completion) CMAT Plaque Certificate
  • (Upon Completion) CMAT patch
  • (Upon Completion) CMAT digital logo insignia
  • (Upon Completion) Krav Instructor Certificate
  • (Upon Completion) Listed on the association website


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Payment Plan

  • Instant access to the full CMAT course
  • Access to the entire Krav Maga Instructor course
  • All future course updates included
  • Instructor support, grading, and feedback
  • (Upon Completion) CMAT Plaque Certificate
  • (Upon Completion) CMAT patch
  • (Upon Completion) CMAT digital logo insignia
  • (Upon Completion) Krav Instructor Certificate
  • (Upon Completion) Listed on the association website

6 Payments of $249

(monthly payments)

"We really enjoyed the training and Mr. Koppel is an excellent instructor with a great personality. We really enjoyed his teaching style and he really made us work hard to earn the certification which we greatly appreciate."

-Leon Myburgh, Bloemfontein, South Africa

GMAA Krav Maga Level 1 Certified Instructor


Can anyone enroll into the Krav Maga Instructor Certification?

Yes. Anyone can enroll into the course in order to learn from the lessons. But, you cannot complete the assignments and final exam unless you meet the requirements to be certified.

What rank must you hold to become a Certified Krav Maga Instructor?

You must hold a minimum of black belt in another style, and at least a yellow belt rank in the GMAU Krav Maga student course.

How long does it take to complete the course and exam?  

This is a self-paced course, so the more time you dedicate to going through the modules, assignments, and exams, the faster you could complete the course. There will be time for receiving feedback, interacting, etc. Most candidates will complete the course in around 3-4 months.

Can you retake an exam if you don't pass?  

Yes. There is no additional fee if you do not pass an assingment or exam. We uphold high standards, and it is very possible that you will be asked to make corrections, or re-submit certain assignments and tests as you complete the course.

Does becoming a Certified Krav Instructor make you an official instructor of the Global Martial Arts Association?

By completing your final exam online, you will be issued a Krav Maga Instructor Certification. To also be considered an official member school of the GMAA, you must take your final exam in-person. Either way you take your final exam (online or in-person) you will still be qualified to teach krav maga, but by taking your exam in-person, you will also be recognized as an official location for the GMAA.

When can I begin testing and ranking my own students?

After passing the Krav Instructor Level 1 exam, you are qualified to train and rank your students up to yellow belt. Once you are qualified and ready, you can then do the Krav Instructor Level 2 exam (which is included in this same course), after passing that level, you would be qualified to rank your students up to orange belt. And, you will continue to do this, until you earn your black belt in krav as a student, and then reach level 6 as an instructor. All of this can be done through this course.

Are there any monthly or annual fees?

No. Unliked most Krav Maga associations who charge a large monthly licensing fee, we do not have any ongoing fees. You are simply required to maintain an active GMAU Krav Maga student membership, so that you can continue your own student training and ranking.There are not monthly or yearly instructor fees. 

About the Global Martial Arts University

The GMAU is a world-leading online martial arts universities. Since 2008, we have been creating innovative courses that challenge students to become high-level martial artists, all through distance training. With thousands of student from around the world, the GMAU is one of the leading institutions and options for learning at home.

About the Global Martial Arts Assocation  

The GMAA is a non-political body which was created to unite the world of martial arts. Our core values revolve around transparency, doing what is for the best and highest good of all, and maintaining high standards. When we do what is right, everyone wins.