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Learn & Earn Real Rank at Home.

GMAU Nunchaku is a complete curriculum based off the dynamics of traditional nunchaku, combat nunchaku, sparring, tricks, and more. You will begin with the basic single techniques and by the end of this series you will have a complete, unstoppable, intense understanding of how to use this ancient weapon. Since 2007, more than a thousand students from around the world have trained in our Nunchaku course.

Learn Real Traditional Nunchaku

Rooted in Okinawa with some modern additions, you will learn a wide range of realistic strikes, blocks, stances, katas, and fighting skills. 

A Safe Total Body Workout

Nunchaku training is for all ages. The workouts and classes will give you a great total body workout, while strengthening your upper body.

Earn Rank in the Official Style

You will be able to earn real rank, up to black belt level and higher, through this complete course of study.

Benefits of This Course

Learn At Your Pace You're busy and life can get in the way. We made this program flexible so you can train at the pace that fits your life.

Complete Comprehensive Training You will have everything you need to go from white to black belt.

Earn Accredited Rank You will take challenging tests submitted to a real instructor so you can earn and be proud of your rank.

Quality Instruction Your teacher is 3rd dan black belt, Adam Gerrald, who has taught for nearly a decade, so you will be learning from the best.

Stream From Multiple Devices Access your courses from any device so you can take your training with you on the go.

Supportive Community You will be joining the ranks of over 1000 students from around the world who absolutely love lhe bo.


Take the guesswork out of training. Every single belt level is laid out step-by-step and is easy to follow. In this course, not only will you learn every single traditional nunchaku technique, kata, combat nunchaku technique, and chuks self defense movement, but you will reach new levels of physical fitness, control, and energy.

Introduction You will learn about the style, how to use the course, how to choose the right chuks, and your basic stances.

Traditional Techniques Stances, Strikes, Blocks, and Combinations using the staff. Traditional, Okinawan based techniques that are the cornerstone of GMAU nunchaku.

Forms (Kata) At each belt level, you will learn an entire traditional kata. These kata are formulated so that you can practice your techniques with realistic intent and full range of motion. These can also be used in competitions.

Combat Nunchaku You will also learn combat nunchaku, which is how to fight with your chuks in a self defense or sparring situation. Footwork, movement, combat strikes, blocks, and combinations.

Complete Classes Each level includes full, 30 minute follow-along classes. This is just like attending a live Nunchaku class with Instructor Adam. These include a warm up, drills, and much more.

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"Hey I love this course I have so much fun I’ve always wanted to learn nunchaku since I was at least 8 years old but I want to continue I will not give it up I love it too much and I so happy with my wife hasn’t even seen me this happy in a long every since my wedding day."

- Richard Pucci -

About the Instructor

Adam Gerrald loves training and sharing his passion of martial arts. He holds a 3rd dan certified Kukkiwon black belt in Taekwondo and is the head instructor of the GMAU Taekwondo program. He also holds a 3rd degree black belt in American Style Nunchaku and is the creator of the GMAU Nunchaku program.

He also holds a black belt in Marine Corps Martial Arts, a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a brown chevron in Ultimate Bo, and has experience in other arts such as Capoeira and Filipino Martial Arts.

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